Are Private tuitions a necessary evil?

Private Tuitions are a Necessary Evil | For the Motion

Private tuitions offer academic coaching for students who need guidance in addition to their school routine. Today, apart from academics, students are made to partake in many activities. They are allotted marks for participation in sports and creative activities such as drawing, painting, dancing, and singing. Students have a lot on their plate and often find it difficult to give studies undivided attention. Under such circumstances, it would be helpful for students to receive some help in their studies.

Private tuitions

Many schools are understaffed and find it difficult to cater to each student individually. It is difficult to address the academic problems of students at a personal level. Therefore, students need to turn to someone for their problems. Private tuitions usually have a favourable student-teacher ratio. The private tutor can help students with their studies and give them their undivided attention. The tutor can manage students at a micro-level and monitor their progress at a closer range.

When it comes to studies, having a private tutor also gives students a variety of learning. Tutors can give students a fresh perspective on learning as compared to the techniques taught in schools. They nurture the students’ thirst for knowledge away from the noisy din of their classrooms. Private tuitions provide an environment where students can express their doubts without any inhibitions or the fear of ridicule. It is therefore a boon for introverted students who often feel shy in class.

I strongly believe that private tuitions should exist alongside academic institutions such as schools and colleges because they provide an alternative to classroom education and bolster the child’s confidence in academics.

Private Tuitions are a Necessary Evil | Against the Motion

Private tuitions are institutions that offer academic coaching for students apart from the training given at their schools. However, I believe that these institutions destroy the very spirit of learning which is innate in every child.

Private tutors often charge an exorbitant amount of money for less than 20 hours a month. I believe that it gives an undue advantage to a privileged child as compared to his less privileged counterpart. It is unfortunate that somebody with money is given an edge over the others. In a world where opportunities are rare, the underprivileged student may never get a chance to come up in life because the rich student has the access and the means to them.

It also destroys the ability of the child to think for himself. By being spoon-fed by the tutor, the child refuses to make any effort of its own. The innate ability to question and ponder is destroyed by the private tutor. The child will then become unnaturally dependent on the tutor for their academic needs. It promotes the idea that nothing can be earned in life, only bought. The children internalize the wrong notion that success can be bought and not earned.

Tutors also swindle parents by charging exorbitant amounts of money to tutor students for less than 20 hours a month. Some parents foolishly trust such people and expect them to miraculously improve their children’s grades. The value of school teachers also diminishes in the eyes of students. They do not respect the teachers and may not pay attention in class because they believe that their academic success is safe in the hands of their private tutors.

Owing to these reasons, I strongly oppose the practice of private tutoring. I urge students to study independently without taking help from these so-called ‘tutors’.


Private tuitions should exist alongside academic institutions such as schools and colleges because it provides an alternative to classroom education and can bolster the child’s confidence in academics.

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