Is a nuclear family better than a joint family?

A Nuclear Family is Better Than a Joint Family

In a joint family, the eldest member, often a male, who is the head of the family, has a say in all the matters concerning his big family. The other members of the family cannot make their own decisions independently. One’s self-respect and identity are often compromised. In a nuclear family, decisions are made after mutual discussions. There is no shifting of responsibility, so the elders can think independently for themselves and the children.

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Women in a joint family have to live in the shadows of the men. They are seldom allowed to have a career of their own. They face many restrictions and are always busy with household work. As a result, they never find time to look after their children or think about themselves. In a nuclear family, a woman is equal to the man of the house. She gets time to take care of herself and can consider having a career. She can make her own decisions.

Children are not individually looked after by parents in a joint family. They are always attended by the other members as women are always taking care of the huge family. Education is not given utmost importance and children join the family occupation. Children seldom discover their true interests and caliber. On the other hand, the number of children in a nuclear family is lesser than that in a joint family.

Therefore, children get individual attention from their parents. Parents closely monitor their education and give them an independent but liberal upbringing.

A nuclear family allows its members to lead a better life than a joint family. Hence, it is better than a joint family.

A Joint Family is Better Than a Nuclear Family

The father and the mother are the only elders in a nuclear family. They have to not only earn but also make time for the other responsibilities towards their children and home. Unlike in a joint family, they aren’t guided by other elders and hence can either make wrong decisions or end up feeling stressed because of too many responsibilities on them.

Both the parents in a nuclear family have to go out and earn because of the high standard of living in a nuclear family. This often leaves the children alone and unguided. Children may make wrong decisions when they turn to their friends for advice. In a joint family, the older members are experienced and available if children need attention. They can guide the young ones and provide solutions to their problems.

Women in nuclear families tend to neglect their children, as they too have to work because of the family expenses. Children are often sent off to daycare centers. Therefore, children don’t bond well with their mothers. Mothers are ignorant of the developments in their children’s lives and miss out on being a part of the milestones of their life.

Nuclear families force members to lead an isolated life, and therefore, joint families are better than nuclear families.

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Both types of families have their own advantages and disadvantages. People choose to have a nuclear family or joint family depending on their situations and personal preferences.

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