Should the Reservation system be abolished in India?

The reservation system should be abolished in India.

In India, the reservation was introduced to uplift the lower strata of society. However, over the years, the reserved classes have been enjoying privileges offered by the government without really contributing to the country’s progress. The equality of opportunity has turned into a chance to misuse the relaxations offered to the lower classes. The result: the lower classes glorify their so-called ‘low’ status and eat into the positions at various levels in the country.

Reservation in India

In modern times, people receive education irrespective of their caste; they are informed and can fight for their rights. The current reservation system then becomes an obsolete way of evaluating who needs aid from the government.

The government should amend the reservation system and make a person’s financial status the parameter to offer or withdraw privileges.

Positions in schools and government offices should be filled taking into account a candidate’s education and financial background.

This is a huge change, but if brought about, will only produce better citizens who could do the nation proud at the national and the global level. It is time that the present reservation system is abolished in India.

The reservation system should not be abolished in India.

Although the country has developed at various levels, people are still discriminated against based on their caste and religion. The disparity between the privileged and the underprivileged continues to thrive. The reservation system only ensures that the rights of such people are protected.

Thanks to reservations, more children are getting admitted to schools and colleges. Education is no more the right of the higher classes. If people from the lower castes also receive a quality education, then they can find better employment opportunities and help their community prosper and flourish.

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Discrimination has always been a major concern in India since ancient times. Despite education and social development, a part of the Indian society will always believe that only the upper castes deserve all rights and privileges. The reservation system ensures that discrimination based on caste and religion is under control in India. Therefore, the reservation should not be abolished.

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